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Thanks to Extreme_RC, spoilerons have been used to great affect for getting the floaty Vampire in to land.

This author (Argo-2) has used the following settings and recommends them as a starting point if you are contemplating adding spoilerons. Of course to enable spoilerons you will have needed to assemble your Vamp without an aileron Y-cable (each aileron servo has its own channel on the Receiver)!

For the landing approach I start my landing leg on spoiler setting #1 and then when on the final glide-slope bring in setting #2, which I leave on all the way to a landing. The glide-slope is quite a bit steeper than with no spoilers and a final flare is still needed, but the Vamp will be travelling much slower than without.

Here are the settings:

Neutral trims (spoilerons off)

Left: up 1mm

Right: up 0mm

Elevator: down 0.5mm

Spoileron Setting #1

Left: up 7mm

Right: up 6mm

Elevator: down 3mm

Spoileron Setting #2

Left: up 11mm

Right: up 10mm

Elevator: down 4mm

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