Scott from HK recommendations:

  • Elevator: +/- 10mm
  • Ailerons: +/- 5-7mm
  • Expo: 30-40%

Others (sorry I don't recall who):

  • Elevator: +/- 10mm
  • Ailerons: Differential 5mm Down, 10mm Up
  • Expo: 40-50%

Maiden flight neutral-stick settings:

  • Course setting: Rotate the push-rods until all surfaces are roughly flush with trailing-edges.
  • Fine setting: Use sub-trims to accurately set all surfaces flush with trailing-edges.
  • Actual maiden flight: Add in a little elevator up trim (~1mm) to assist with takeoff. Trim this out in flight as required.

ER9X eePe file (rename file suffix to Vampire.eepm): eePe Vampire file.